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Self Harping Therapist in Memorial City and surrounding Houston, TX area

Houston, TX residents who struggle with self-harm often feel like their urges control them. By seeking out a self-harming therapist, you're on the right track toward healing. Samantha Ter Heege Therapy MA, LPC, CART will work with you to develop effective coping strategies and provide encouragement when you need it most.

Take the first step in your journey toward recovery. Contact Samantha Ter Heege Therapy MA, LPC, CART today.

You can find healing through counseling

As your self-harming therapist, Samantha Ter Heege MA, LPC, CART will empower you to achieve your personal goals. You'll receive personalized guidance tailored to your needs. During your appointment, Samantha will help you identify...

  • Reasons why you feel these urges
  • Specific self-harm triggers
  • Coping strategies

Samantha's office in Houston, TX is a safe space to discuss your challenges in confidence. Book an appointment at SLT Therapy today. 218-784-3277