It's OK to Seek Counseling for Teen or Relationship Anxiety

Anxiety Therapy in Memorial City and surrounding Houston, TX area

Anxiety disorders affect people of all ages, but teenagers are especially vulnerable. Fortunately, you can find a therapist who offers counseling for those struggling with teenage anxiety. Samantha Ter Heege MA, LPC, CART can meet with you or your child weekly or biweekly at SLT Therapy, her Houston, TX office.

She works with residents who are struggling with generalized or relationship anxiety. Contact her today to learn more.

Should you seek anxiety therapy?

Is your relationship anxiety...

  • Causing you to lose sleep worrying about the future?
  • Interfering with your schoolwork or job performance?
  • Preventing you from trusting your partner completely?

If so, you could benefit from anxiety therapy in Houston, TX. Samantha Ter Heege Therapy MA, LPC, CART will provide personalized guidance, such as addressing the root cause of your teenage anxiety. Contact Samantha today to schedule an appointment.218-784-3277